Meet Our Team

Sheryl Woodson

Sheryl Woodson

Interior Design Consultant

I’m Sheryl Woodson, an Interior Design Consultant at Woodchuck’s. I have enjoyed working here for over 16 years. My days consist of helping our customers plan their rooms and make fabric and color choices that best meet their needs. I also work with the team to keep our store in top shape, making floor moves, or adding accessories to compliment each vignette. 

I have been in retail sales the majority of my career and was blessed to come to work here. I feel like our customers appreciate the family-owned business atmosphere and service-oriented team we incorporate. Our showroom is always blossoming with fresh ideas and decor. 

I spend my free time with my family and friends. I have six grandkids, five great grandkids, and one new puppy!

“My favorite part about working for Woodchuck’s is the warm, welcoming, and exciting atmosphere. Woodchuck’s is like home and there is always something to do. I take pride in making it the very best place to shop for furniture.”