Meet Our Team

Doug Correia, president at Woodchucks

Doug Correia


My name is Doug Correia and I am the President at Woodchuck’s Fine Furniture & Decor. March 2022 marks my 30th year as a part of the Woodchuck’s family. I am the Woodchuck’s version of Sir Francis Drake (Captain of the Ship), kissing frogs & turning over flat rocks (Product Development and Sourcing), and anything else that needs to be done in a day’s work. 

I am a second generation Woodchuck. My father founded Woodchucks as a way to feed his family and keep a roof over our head. Our humble beginning in antique restoration and upholstery laid the foundation of knowledge and experience that would prove helpful in our venture into quality retail home furnishings. My experience through college with the USN and one of the largest logistics companies in the world also prepared me for a start in the global supply chain of furniture.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my wife of almost 27 years, Tara, and our two children: Ashton, a junior at FSU and Lauren, a senior at St John’s Country Day School. I also enjoy spending time with friends at the beach, water sports like surfing and any other outdoor activity.

“My favorite part about Woodchucks comes down to one thing: PEOPLE.  I love the people on our team here at Woodchuck’s. We have built lifelong friendships with the people who supply our quality products and we have had the pleasure of getting to know our customers. We appreciate them for the amazing people they are to their family and in the community. There are so many people we have had the privilege of serving, many of which we have had the pleasure of doing business with multiple generations of their family. What an honor it is to do business with our employees, suppliers, and customers.”