Meet Our Team

Scott Taylor

Scott Taylor

Sales Consultant

I am Scott Taylor, a Sales Consultant at Woodchuck’s Furniture. I am on my second tour of duty with a total of four and a half years with Woodchuck’s Furniture. In my day-to-day, I work with customers to satisfy their furniture needs. I perform in-home visits to help with space planning, product considerations, and fabric/leather/color choices. I also assist in visual merchandising on the showroom floor.

My career in furniture started in 2008 and before furniture, I spent over 25 years in graphic design, printing, and photography. I took a break from furniture for a while and worked in culinary education but, furniture still calls to me and that is why I am back at Woodchuck’s Furniture.

Living in Florida, the beach is always a good place to hang out when not at Woodchuck’s. I am also an active runner that participates in running events in and around Jacksonville, FL.

“My favorite part about working for Woodchuck’s is my awesome team that makes coming to work a pleasure.”