Create Your Own Custom Furniture with Bassett

When you shop at Woodchuck’s, you’re not limiting your furniture choices to the pieces on our showroom floor — or browsing thousands of different pieces and trying to spot the one that works for you. Thanks to our partnership with Bassett custom furniture and other personalized brands, you can actually create custom furniture that fits your home to a T. You’ll choose all of the following details, starting with theskeleton and filling in the blanks with your favorite styles and colors.


Before you get specific, you’ll need to pick out a style that speaks to you. Do you want a quaint, inviting space with Cottage style seating and lightly distressed surfaces? Or would you prefer the sweeping legs and flowery, French upholstery of art nouveau furniture? Pick out a basic style, and then we’ll zoom in and tweak the details.


Your upholstery options depend on the style you start with, but you’ll have the luxury of variety no matter what. We have hundreds of different upholstery options for each custom couch, bench, section, chair, ottoman and chaise. Decide whether you want to sit on — and maintain — leather or linen, then see which available color or pattern calls your name the loudest. Some pieces come with complements; you can customize those too. After you’ve chosen your upholstery, start all over again to make sure the pillows and cushions really pop.

Finishing Touches

Will your loveseat have exposed legs or a formal curtain? Will your ottoman be soft and tufted or have a no-nonsense box top? Custom furniture collections include as many variations as possible. You’re not justpicking out a couch and ordering it in the color you like; you’re starting from the ground up, so you get to decide the finishing details too. From the legs and arms to the decorative piping — the technical term is welt — that covers each seam, our design team will walk you through the options and help you make a flattering and timeless choice.

Bassett custom furniture adds personality and originality to your home, but if you really want to express yourself with your furnishings, every detail matters.


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