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At Woodchuck’s we strive to educate and inform our customers. That’s why we stay up to date on the latest trends and news in the fine furniture world, and share it all with you here. Find an article below, created by our design and sales professionals, that will guide you to find the perfect piece of furniture.
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Home Decor

6 Easy Tips for Styling Your Guest Room

Making your guest room look and feel as welcoming as possible is important, especially if you plan to have family or friends over this summer. How can you make sure guests are comfortable when they’ll be staying at your home? The following step-by-step guide can help you in styling your guest room.

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Furniture Cleaning Tips

Furniture Cleaning Care & Tips

High-quality furniture is an investment that you want to last, and the best way to make that happen is to be proactive about your cleaning and care. Use these tips to make sure you get the most life out of your pieces and keep them functional and beautiful for many years.

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large Home Office chairs black cabinet desk
Furniture Buying Tips

Ways to Make Your At-Home Office Productive While Working From Home

Across the country, offices are following best practices for social distancing and shifting to a new work from home policy for the weeks ahead. For many of us, that means creating a productive home office for the first time. It can be challenging to get into a good work rhythm from home. But by using these guidelines, you can design a home office that will empower you in your career and create a productive environment to do your best work.

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Furniture Buying Tips

6 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Furniture

Whether your furniture is looking a little outdated or you have pieces you have outgrown, eventually some pieces may need to be replaced. Here are six signs it might be time to shop for some of your most important pieces.

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Design Trends

6 Popular Home Design and Decor Trends of 2019

Home decorating styles change from year to year, and as you would expect, tastes have evolved this year as well. As the year comes to an end, we would like to look back at some of the popular trends of 2019 in home decorating.

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Furniture Buying Tips

8 Decorating Tips for The Holidays

As the weather outside gets colder, we spend more time with family and loved ones indoors. Decorating our living spaces is fun, rewarding and adds coziness and warmth to our homes. Here are a few ideas we’ve compiled that you can use to make your space a little merrier for the holidays.

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Furniture Buying Tips

5 Home Design Ideas to Cozy Up Your Home This Fall

The season for guests, family, and get-togethers is officially underway. With the change of the season comes time to change your home decor. Take a look at our 5 home design ideas to cozy up your living space for the fall season.

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