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At Woodchuck’s we strive to educate and inform our customers. That’s why we stay up to date on the latest trends and news in the fine furniture world, and share it all with you here. Find an article below, created by our design and sales professionals, that will guide you to find the perfect piece of furniture.
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Furniture Buying Tips

6 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Furniture

Whether your furniture is looking a little outdated or you have pieces you have outgrown, eventually some pieces may need to be replaced. Here are six signs it might be time to shop for some of your most important pieces.

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Room Layout + Flow

Creating A Cohesive Flow Throughout Your Home

From the eclectic to the traditional, most homeowners can identify the general idea behind their decorating efforts. But just because a homeowner has chosen a certain decor for the rooms, doesn’t mean they’ve created the flow they need to bring it all together.

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Furniture Rearrangement

How Small Touches Can Deliver Big Results

It is makeover time in your home, and you are already losing hair counting your pennies. How will you replace the furnishings in your home without reducing yourself to

Ramen noodles on a daily basis?

You actually have quite a few choices if you look in the right places. Let’s take a look.

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Matching Chair & Accent Chair
Furniture Layout

Rearranging Furniture for a Fresh Look

Rearranging furniture in your home is much easier said than done, some even calling it a strategic process. There are specific elements that designers recommend taking into consideration before committing to the task. Here we will break down the rearraning process for you so you can determine the best way to sucessfully optimize your home decor.

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