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Home Decor

6 Easy Tips for Styling Your Guest Room

Making your guest room look and feel as welcoming as possible is important, especially if you plan to have family or friends over this summer. How can you make sure guests are comfortable when they’ll be staying at your home? The following step-by-step guide can help you in styling your guest room.

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Furniture Layout

4 Great Ideas for Your Empty Nest Remodel

Every parent who sends kids off to college and on out into the world to make their way faces a conundrum. The bedroom down the hall was filled with teenage belongings. And now it’s either bare, or at least it feels that way. But there’s no reason to leave that valuable square footage unused. An empty nest remodel can transform a kid’s former bedroom into something that you’ll enjoy, and that they might even use when they visit home.

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Updating Your Kitchen & Dining Room Furniture

We can all agree that everyone gathers where the food is. Your kitchen is the heart of your home, and many homes have a common space for the kitchen and dining room, so it’s important to have a good flow between the two areas. An open, inviting space will make your home not only look better but also appeal more to your guests, while the perfect dining room furniture will be more inviting. Not to mention, while you’re busy in the kitchen you are still able to interact with all your guests.

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Redecorate + Remodel Tips

Making Your Home More Inviting: The 5 Items Every Guest Bedroom Needs

When entertaining out of town guests, we want them to feel comfortable, relaxed, and welcome, but the truth is that we usually cram them in the smallest room of our house and expect them to make-do with old, outdated, or cheap furniture we don’t want in our own bedrooms. A clean, highly-functional, and impressive guest bedroom can be created, however, without spending master bedroom levels of money or hiring a professional decorator. There are 5 simple pieces of furniture that are a must for making your home more inviting.

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Furniture Layout

How To Update Your Furniture Room-By-Room

Whether you need to find furniture that keeps your home up to date with current styles or you’ve put off updating your home for so long that your furniture is falling apart … upgrading to new furniture is inevitable.

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