5 Trends In Home Design To Look Out For 2020

Combine touches of the old and the new

Homeowners have long felt they had to pick either a modern theme or an antique theme in a particular space and stick with it for the sake of consistency. As a new decade dawns it’s time to abandon that mistaken belief, and embrace the possibilities that come with mixing the contemporary and the heirloom. It’s all about moving away from rigidity and towards a more fluid sense of your personal style. If you see an antique that sparks your interest while you are traveling but are concerned it won’t match your contemporary look, embrace the inner you and go for it.

Go big and bold with monochrome themes

Most people hear the word “monochrome” and their thoughts go directly to pale colors or neutrals, largely because they’re afraid of too much bold color overtaking a space or making it feel smaller. However, beautiful bold colors are no less beautiful when they’re the dominant motif in a room. In 2020 and beyond, start thinking about ways that you can use large swaths of bold color and colorful large pieces like sofas and tables to inject more personality into your space.

Streamline your accent pieces

Now is the time to take inventory of your accent pieces and only keep the ones that truly speak to your style. The method promoted by the fashionable Japanese minimalist trend is a good way to achieve this: take every piece out of the room at one time, and go through them one-by-one to determine what you will keep.

Use sustainable materials to do good while your space looks good

Doing something beneficial for the environment doesn’t mean you have to settle for unstylish and clunky furniture and accents throughout your home. Thanks to innovative design and modern sustainable materials, you can incorporate beautiful pieces into your scheme while taking steps towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Layer patterns however you like

All types of pattern layering look to be big in 2020, so why not go where your heart takes you? Once again, this fits into the larger theme of embracing your individuality, so if you want to place a patterned upholstered sofa against a textured wall in front of a bold area rug, then go for it.

When you’re ready to embrace your singular design aesthetic, come see how Woodchuck’s Fine Furniture and Decor can help you find the right pieces to outfit your home for the new year. Visit our showroom in Jacksonville to see just how easy it is to transform your space and welcome in the 2020s.

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