9 Ways To Make Your Home Look More Spacious

Rely on Contrast

If your rooms are currently filled with medium range neutrals, you might be missing out on depth in your space. While lighter tones are generally believed to expand space, contrast is necessary. A mixture of light and dark will fool the eye; the boundaries of the room will not be so apparent.

Use Fewer, Bolder Pieces

It may seem counterintuitive, but an oversized sofa, chest, dining table or headboard may make the room’s dimensions seem less constrictive. To experiment, move all smaller pieces and accessories out of the room, and see how it feels.

Big Can Be Beautiful

To make a design statement, hang oversized art and fill a mantle with a single sculpture rather than a symmetrical arrangement of smaller accessories. Add one signature piece — a large coffee table, a tall armoire, or a large entertainment center that will make a statement as well as provide needed storage in a minimally-sized room.

Use Height to Your Advantage

Hang drapes at ceiling level and let them extend to the floor. They will visually raise the ceiling height which, in turn, makes the room feel bigger.

Spread the Light

Whenever possible, spread light around the room with strategically-placed lamps in addition to a central ceiling fixture. A mix of table lamps, floor lamps, and even mini-lights is not only attractive but also space-expanding.

Edit Your Possessions

Pare down and keep only what you love. Display a single favorite accessory or use the rule of three rather than showing off a collection of smaller items. Rotate your accessories with the seasons for a fun twist on your usual decor.

Define the Space

Use furniture with a purpose to create activity centers — conversation groupings, reading corners, snack centers, homework areas, etc. Don’t simply line furniture up against a wall, but define spaces with rugs or purposeful placement.

Show Some Leg

Sofas, chairs, and chests with legs appear less massive than bulky furniture that sits close to the floor. But use restraint; a forest of legs isn’t exactly pleasing either.

Bounce Light Around

single large mirror can expand space like nothing else, especially if it reflects natural light and a wonderful view. But shiny, reflective surfaces can have the same effect. Polished brass or chrome accessories lighten and enlarge space.

For additional advice on how to choose the right furniture pieces and accessories, schedule a consultation with one of our in-home designers at Woodchuck’s Fine Furniture & Decor. We’re always available to help you expand your space and find the perfect furniture pieces that fit your lifestyle.

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