Revolution Performance Fabric

What is Revolution Performance Fabric?

Revolution Performance Fabric is made out of high quality Olefin yarn right here in the USA, and it is made to be extremely durable and resistant to stains. This is all while maintaining a soft finish that maintains its color in the sun.

Additionally, Performance Fabrics are made of upcycled fibers with zero chemical treatments making them easy on the environment. So, while maintaining all of your aesthetic options, you also gain the peace of mind to know that you are working with the strongest, greenest fabric available to the market.

What are the advantages of Revolution Performance Fabric?

This is one of the only fabrics in the world that is able to maintain a premium look while giving you the ability to wash fabrics that have been tainted. This makes Revolution the perfect fabric for households with pets and kids.

The cleaning process is virtually effortless. If spillage occurs any excess liquid should be blotted until nearly completely absorbed. After, even the most stubborn stains can be tackled with a solution of common dish soap and diluted bleach water along with gentle rubbing of the fabric.

Even more remarkable is the varied selection. No matter the texture or the decor that you are trying to match, Revolution Performance Fabrics has the design to help you. You can go with a traditional backdrop or move into the future with leading edge textures and color schemes.

Finally, it is evident that these fabrics are all about performance. You can maintain a day one look for years with furniture that is exposed to direct sunlight. The wearability is second to none, and the styles that we have cultivated for you are meant to outlast trends of the day.

How to Get Your Revolution Performance Fabrics

Woodchuck’s Fine Furniture & Decor gives you the widest variety of Revolution Performance Fabric options. Come to us for a top selection of colors, patterns and textures.


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