Achieving Timeless Design

Stay away from the trends

Trends will always come and go in the design world, and it’s natural to be drawn towards styles that are en vogue at any particular time. However, if you want your space to seem timeless, it’s best to spurn trendy elements in your home whenever you can. The rules of design trends are fickle, and if you go all in on the wrong trend you could find that your home seems woefully outdated faster than you’d think.

Minimize visible technology

At this point in the digital era, technology rules over most aspects of our lives, but that doesn’t mean we should have to look at it all the time. Between smart speakers, streaming TV boxes, and countless wires your home can look like an A/V demo room if you aren’t careful. Find creative ways to hide your smaller devices so that they look seamless rather than objects that draw the eye.

Build around a focal point

One of the hallmarks of classic interior design is having a focal point on which to base everything in the room. This kind of framing has been used for many years, and it will always be an elegant way to arrange a space. If your home has an existing feature that would work as a focal point—such as a dramatic mantle or floor-to-ceiling windows—then you should arrange your furniture around that. If not, however, you can still create your own focal point with a statement piece of art, a large piece of high-quality furniture, or another element.

Think about symmetry

As humans, we are naturally drawn to symmetry in a variety of forms. This can help you as you build your room around the principles of timeless design, because you can look at various areas of the room with symmetry in mind. Accentuate focal points with pairs of accessories when possible, and try to create a sense of balance when pairs of things aren’t possible.

Invest in quality pieces

If you want your home to always look stylish, then make the effort to buy quality furniture. You’ll pay a little more upfront when compared to the budget items, but your pieces will last longer and will never go out of fashion.

In order to achieve your timeless design, you have to find furniture that will stand the test of time. At Woodchuck’s Fine Furniture and Decor we pride ourselves on offering beautiful and affordable furnishings that will help you achieve the perfect style for your home. Visit our website to discover our full line of quality furniture for every room in your home.

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