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At Woodchuck’s we strive to educate and inform our customers. That’s why we stay up to date on the latest trends and news in the fine furniture world, and share it all with you here. Find an article below, created by our design and sales professionals, that will guide you to find the perfect piece of furniture.
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Design Trends

Achieving Timeless Design

There’s nothing quite like a home that features decor and furnishings that never go out of style. Learn how to achieve this look in your own home with this simple guide.

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Design Trends

Design Spotlight: Redecorate for Spring

There’s no time like spring to redecorate your home, because the season of renewal and rebirth gives you freedom and creativity to personalize your aesthetic. These simple design tips can guide you into creating the perfect spring-inspired spaces that you and your family will love.

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Design Trends

Is It Time to Rearrange Your Furniture?

If your room is starting to feel a little small, your furniture has been in the same spot since you moved in, or you’re feeling dissatisfied about your furniture, it might be time for you to consider rearranging some things. Even if you enjoy your current furniture arrangement, any environment will start to grow stale and have less of an impact on your mood over time. Eventually, a setup that you once found fresh and innovative will seem tired and wanting.

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Room Layout + Flow

Creating A Cohesive Flow Throughout Your Home

From the eclectic to the traditional, most homeowners can identify the general idea behind their decorating efforts. But just because a homeowner has chosen a certain decor for the rooms, doesn’t mean they’ve created the flow they need to bring it all together.

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