Furniture Trends We Love For 2020

The time is always right to refresh your home with trendy new furniture. And believe it or not, we are already halfway through 2020. Here are some of the top furniture trends that we are loving so far this year.

1. Canopy Beds

Much like many other trends this year, canopy beds are making their return. A canopy bed can anchor a space, adds height, and gives a room a grandeur focal point to love.

2. Shiny and Chrome

Metal has always been an obsession for many, but the desire for mixed metals has ramped up recently. Finishings and furniture in silver, gold, tin, and copper have presented themselves as a prominent trend for this year.

3. Modern or Abstract?

From lighting to wallpaper, abstract art is showing good signs of a comeback as well as primitive forms. Interested in picking up some bizarre designs and wacky-and-weird furniture? Come check out our Melange Mattie Console Table for instance.

4. Rattan and Wicker

Organic materials highlight the beauty of nature and rattan is no other. Our Living Room Reed Bench will provide you with a crisp natural look while creating dreams of a summery island right in your room.

5. Earthy Vibes

Besides being an artistic and emotional connection to the outdoorsy part of us, earthen hues or materials also represent stability and warmth. Earth tones such as olive green, yellow ochre, and burnt orange are rising in popularity, along with wood finishes.

6. Yellow is the New Black

Like the sunrise, happy colors and palettes are on the surge, and what better to greet the rising sun than waking up early to it and a room full of yellows?

7. Crystal Clear

Transparency is great, both physically and literally. See-through items have been a long fondness of many, and our Dining Room Bluff Dining Table is no exception!

8. Cool and Comfy

Comfort is what we all seek and being cool is another added bonus if we can attain it. Now you can be cool, and in some cases quite literally with colder color hues such as dark blue and green.

9. Flower Power

Who doesn’t love flowers? Patterns of nature have been common creative sources of inspiration in traditional to contemporary designs, and the flower, whose shape is a sign of beauty.

10. Curve is the Word

Harkening back to the 60 and 70s, rounded and curved outlines are once again presenting themselves on the trending list. With more modern twists such as asymmetry, line, and mesh curves to accentuate the form, these types of furniture present a tranquil, more calming side.

Why Hesitate?

Here at Woodchuck’s Fine Furniture & Décor, we offer a wide selection of furniture to suit your many needs. Whether you desire fancy luxuriance, artistic compositions, traditional décor, we have it all here at our store in Jacksonville, Florida. Come shop with us today!

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