Simple Design Ideas to Make Great Home Decor Possible

If you’re thinking of freshening and modernizing an existing space or are planning a move to an entirely new, but smaller, home, stop to take stock of what you have and what you might need to acquire. Resolve to surround yourself with only with the furniture and accessories that will enhance your individual lifestyle.

Opt for Adaptability

Furniture that can serve multiple functions is always a good choice, particularly if a move is in your future. In addition, consider the advantages of smaller rather than oversized sofas, chests, coffee tables, and bookcases. They will not only simplify room arrangements, but can also be moved to other rooms and new homes with ease. Consider a sectional sofa or a pair of loveseats rather than the common sofa-loveseat combination. Chose a petite chaise rather than an overstuffed lounge chair and ottoman. Select bookcases or entertainment consoles and dining room credenzas with both doors and open shelving to provide storage as well as display space.

Embrace Color

Banish boring from your life and home. Paint a wall or a ceiling. Add pattern and color not only through accessories but in other ways as well. Painted furniture is dramatic, as is a mix of styles as long as there is an underlying plan. Pick a sofa with unexpected bright blue or luscious red upholstery, and build a color scheme around it. Add more color and pattern with easily-changed accessory pieces. Hang mirrors and colorful art to keep the look lively. Then add fresh plants to improve both the design and the air quality.

Keep It Simple

In Florida, you no doubt know that bare floors are better than carpet. And simple is much better than ornate. Eliminate clutter in your interiors and minimize your belongings — sage advice at any stage of life. In addition, take advantage of some uncommon interior design tips to create maximum impact. Surround yourself with the things that highlight your personality, and be bold in your choices.

Treat Treasures to a Facelift

If you have an inherited table, an heirloom chest, a time-worn rocker, a vintage chair, or a one-of-a-kind artifact, by all means, give such pieces a fresh coat of bright paint and display them with pride. Spicy paprika enamel on a curvy French parlor chair would add a high note of personality to a contemporary interior. Or just think of the stories you could tell about a turquoise gargoyle staring down from a wall, or a carousel animal turned into a barstool. In addition, get creative with wall-hung shelving to display favorite possessions.

The design professionals and sales associates at Woodchuck’s Fine Furniture and Decor in Jacksonville are especially attuned to working with newcomers to the area, even offering an online room planning tool. We’re always available to offer advice to downsizing residents or to help refresh tired interiors. Simply contact us or stop by our showroom.

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