Patio Decorating Tips & Ideas to Transform Your Backyard

Think of the Patio as an Outdoor Room

Start by doing what you would when setting up any room – decide where to put the furniture. What are the proportions of your patio? Now look for weather-resistant furniture — couches, chairs, tables — that suit both the size of the room and how you want to use it.

Keep in mind that groupings are what define any space. If there’s room, create a grouping with couches for casual conversation and another with a table and chairs for eating. A small bistro table or an outdoor table with benches is a nice touch to keep your guests and family comfortable outside.

Don’t Forget to Look Down

Flooring is as much a part of a room as the furniture. What does the patio floor look like now? If it is dirty or broken, give the surface a good cleaning and make repairs. Even better, consider adding flair with tile, colorful cement, or a raised wood deck.

Make Your Outdoor Space Dynamic

The best way to make use of empty spaces on the patio and in the backyard is to create three-dimensional groupings using:

  • Rugs
  • Pots
  • Small tables
  • Outdoor artwork
  • Trellises

Use these dynamic spaces to simultaneously emphasize and divide your patio groupings. Planter boxes, pot collections, and plants can be used as clear dividers.

Make It Colorful

You might want the living room to feature cool shades and the bedroom to be warm and cozy, but you want your patio and yard alive with vibrant color. Pick accessories that add a touch of drama to the scene like a bright Aztec table or colorful glazed pots filled with seasonal flowers.

Consider painting any structures, too, such as a trellis that surrounds the patio or the fence that defines the yard. If there isn’t much to paint, look for fabric furniture pieces that are bold and bright.

Now, Take It to the Next Level

Once you have your outdoor room set up and those extra touches added to the yard, look for a way to take things to the next level. Maybe add an outdoor fireplace or fire pit. Perhaps you would benefit from a new stone pathway, gazebo, or koi pond. The goal is to find that little extra something that speaks to who you are and what you enjoy.

How will you transform your backyard this season? At Woodchuck’s Fine Furniture & Decor, our in-house designers and custom furniture collections are your tickets to a truly unique space. Visit our showroom in Jacksonville today.

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