Styling With Contemporary Office Furniture

At Woodchuck’s, we understand the importance of crafting a workspace that embodies professionalism and style while maximizing productivity. Explore our curated collection of high-quality, contemporary office furniture designed to improve your home office experience.

Here are our design consultants’ top picks.

Office Chairs

Enhance your workspace with our wide selection of office chairs. Designed for comfort and style, these chairs offer the perfect blend of functionality and elegance.

Stressless® Laurel Home Office Low Back

Experience unparalleled comfort with the Stressless® Laurel Home Office Low Back chair. Its ergonomic design seamlessly blends into any modern workspace, offering effortless adjustment options and support throughout the day.

Stressless® Laurel Home Office Low Back Chair

Capron Office Chair

Upgrade your home office with Bassett’s Capron Office Chair. Crafted with premium leather and a sleek chrome swivel base, it adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to any workspace.

Prado Office Chair

Embrace modern design with the Bernhardt Prado Office Chair. Featuring soft curves and plush leather upholstery, this chair offers style and comfort, making it the perfect seating option for those who work from home full-time.

Office Desks

Our home office desks combine modern design and practical functionality. Browse our top picks to find the perfect piece for your space:

Linea Desk

Make a statement with Bernhardt’s Linea Desk. Crafted with textured metal and Black Forest marble, its striking, rustic design adds subtle sophistication and functional elegance to any workspace or home office.

Prado Desk

Achieve minimalist sophistication with the Bernhardt Prado Desk. Featuring a blend of wood and concrete, it offers a bold yet refined look for your modern workspace. The desk also features a power receptacle with two outlets and two USB ports for optimal productivity.

Prospect Writing Desk

Channel industrial chic with the Bassett Prospect Writing Desk. Finished in a beautiful BenchMade Oak, its cast iron double pedestal base and solid wood top combine style and functionality seamlessly. 

Contemporary Office Furniture Accessories

Complete your workspace with our curated selection of office accessories. From stylish lighting solutions to functional organizational tools, finalize your office environment with our designers’ top picks:

Stressless USB Table

Enhance your workspace with the versatile Stressless USB Table. It is designed to complement Stressless recliners and offers convenient USB-A connections and adjustable height options. This table is available in various wood colors, with the height adjustable stem in black or chrome.

Bryson Floor Lamp

Illuminate your workspace with Bassett’s Bryson Floor Lamp. Available in a variety of finishes, its minimal yet stylish design adds sophistication to any room and enhances your reading experience.

Linville Etagere Bookcase

Organize your workspace essentials with the Bassett Linville Etagere Bookcase. Handmade in America with masterful craftsmanship, it combines clean lines with functional elegance. This bookcase is perfect for both decoration and storage.

Shop Contemporary Office Furniture at Woodchuck’s

Transform your workspace into a hub of productivity and style with Woodchuck’s wide selection of contemporary office furniture collections. Visit our showroom today to discover the perfect pieces for your home office space with the help of our experienced design consultants.

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