Ways to Make Your At-Home Office Productive While Working From Home

Introduce visually-interesting or personal elements

The more you feel comfortable in your office, the more you’ll want to spend time there, which will help maximize your productivity. Some people are afraid to add decorations or furniture with visual flair for fear that it will take over the space. But, working from home—without the prying eyes of coworkers or supervisors—gives you the opportunity to inject fun and personality into your accessories. Now is the time to invest in a colorful desk chair, a funky new desk lamp or wall art or decor you love. Whatever you do, take the time to add personal touches and make your space your own.

Build in opportunities for privacy

When you work from home, life has a tendency to get in the way. Distractions from other family members and pets are inevitable, but you can mitigate these by building privacy elements into your office space. Of course, it’s ideal to create your home office in a space with a door, but not everyone has an additional room to dedicate as a workplace. If a door isn’t possible, try to find a quiet corner of the house outside the main living spaces. Also consider using portable screens, divider walls, and even signage to differentiate the area. This will help create clear boundaries with your family and put you in the mindset to focus.

Let your lighting help your productivity

If you’ve ever worked in an office with rows of overhead fluorescent lights, you understand how much of an impact lighting can have on your state of mind. If possible, try to place your home office in an area with plenty of natural light, because your mind and body will react best to it. If minimal or no natural light is available, find desk or floor lamps that replicate natural light. Avoid placing light sources directly overhead of screens where they will cause glare.

Consider ergonomic designs

It’s hard to stay focused and productive when you’re straining to see your computer screen or working with an aching back. That’s why it’s important for your health to consider the ergonomics of your home office. As you invest in items such as a chair, footrest, keyboard pads, and more, look for signs that the manufacturers have designed them to be ergonomically beneficial. An example of such are standing desks and ergonomic desk chairs from a new line we carry, called Stressless. This office furniture delivers unsurpassed head, neck and back support. Plus, the smooth, supportive cushioning allows you to sit at your desk undeterred for many hours on end.

Your home office should be more than just a place where you work; it’s an expression of your personality and career goals. While we’re all adjusting to the challenges of remote work, take this time to create a personalized home office that’s made for you.

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