Why Quality Furniture is Worth the Investment


Items such as your sofa really do stay with you for a lifetime. Resist the temptation for all of the pomp and circumstance here. Cheap furniture tries to cover its flaws using gaudy, surface level ornamentation, choose a sofa with a neutral, stain resistant fabric. You get your chic from the accent pieces, not the centerpiece, and you also get a great looking sofa for years to come. You may even be able to leave it as a furnished piece when you sell and get more out of your sale price!

Quality is Comfort

True quality in furniture means a more comfortable living situation. This is especially true as furniture ages and settles into itself. Are you hurting your posture and the look of your room to save a bit of money? Furniture that remains in use for a significant amount of time can have a serious effect on your well being.

You Actually Save Money

This is an especially important tip for first time home buyers. Any investor will tell you that you make your money on the buy, not on the sell. What does this advice mean? You invest in quality up front, then when you sell it, you don’t have to spend tons of money on the upkeep to make the property look live-in ready.

For those who move on a regular basis, buying long-lasting pieces also makes more sense than buying poorly made furniture. Durable pieces are sturdy enough to move with you, instead of re-buying every time you move, or every time your furniture deteriorates.


Getting good base furniture (sofa, loveseat, bed, workstation desk) allows you to keep up with modern decor using your base elements as the background. These are the items that cost the most. Buy them once, and spend the money you save on the smaller accent pieces that can update your look seasonally.

Woodchuck’s Fine Furniture & Decor provides you with a wide selection of quality furniture brands to fit your decor. Accentuate your living space and upgrade your life with the right selection. Call or email with questions or orders – one of our dedicated furniture experts will gladly help you.

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