How Small Touches Can Deliver Big Results

The Table Conversation Piece

There is no need replace your decorative tables – simply replace the items on them! Your accent pieces help the room tell its story. Consider something with a textured and complex look like this antique bowl.

A Floor Clock

Depending on the overall look of your living space, you may want to accentuate with a piece that also serves a functional purpose. A floor clock is one of the best ways to invoke a classic flow to the room without stuffing it too full of generic items.

Mirrors that match your feng shui also serve as a viable alternative here.


If you are looking for a living space that speaks to comfort more than luxury, adding a well-designed footstool creates a welcoming environment in which people will immediately feel more open. Even if it is apparent that the footstool is not to be used, the idea is what creates the feeling.

Throw Pillows

This exclamation pillow literally adds a bit of excitement to the room, but you do not need an accent pillow this loud in order to make a great impression. You can get away with a lot in your accent pillows, because they are small and compact accessories that can be utilized in many different ways. They are also incredibly easy to move or hide completely if you want to create a certain look on short-term notice.

Wall Art

One of the fastest ways to give a space a bit of complexity and gravitas is wall art. You do not have to spend millions of dollars on a Picasso – simply pick a well designed, interesting piece that speaks to you. The right piece of art can help to enclose a space or expand it depending on the needs of that particular room.

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