5 Tips for Arranging Your Home for Entertaining

Open Seating Season

Now is the time of the year when you want to create flow in your home, especially when you have guests coming to visit. This increases airflow, which is optimal in humid climates here in Northern Florida. Focus on seating and tables with legs that are long and allow for air flow under furniture. This trick also gives visitors the illusion of a more open environment.

Better yet, bring the outdoors in starting this Memorial Day for the ultimate open seating concept. Create an outdoor seating arrangement for your holiday party. Start with a heat source ranging from a fire pit to an outdoor kitchen. Include outdoor tables and lounge areas along with plenty of light for after-hours.

Seating for All

When you have more than the usual number of people in your home, seating can be tight. With an open seating plan, you can take your space from uncomfortably cramped to efficiently spacious. Provide armless chairs, ottomans, overstuffed pillows, and stacked chairs so that guests can create their own seating arrangement as needed.

Lighting the Way

Entering a dark, dimly lit doorway is the last thing that any guest wants to do. Consider installing one of the modernized industrial chandeliers in your entryway. Not sure which lighting fixture best suits your home? Take a look at this extensive guide on choosing the right light bulb for your home.

Stage Your Home

Remove anything that would be considered clutter to remedy any overflowing containers and bookshelves. By removing all of the excess, such as children’s toy bins, dog kennels, or baskets of blankets that will not be used by your party guests, you open up the room. This also frees up plenty of space for guests to move around and be social.

Upgrade Your Home for Entertainment Today

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