Furniture Selection Tips: How to Use Color and Texture to Create Personality

Always consider colors and textures in combination with the entire space

As you begin to design an overarching plan for your room or home, don’t simply select a large piece of furniture you like and assume that everything else will flow from that. If you want your space to reflect your personality and style, think about how everything fits together in the big picture from the start. Pay attention to colors and textures that give you a sense of comfort in every decision you make.

Pair soft spring pastels with deeper-hued accents

Many people want to bathe their home in pastels to create a sense of renewal and spring all year round, and who can blame them? These types of soft colors create warmth and make your home feel cozy. But contrary to popular belief, spring isn’t only about pastel colors, and many of these soft hues look beautiful when paired with a bolder complement. Pale blues and yellows look great with a deep-violet accent.

Look to your artwork for inspiration

When they are thematically and visually complementary, art and furniture can work together to create a sense of cohesion throughout a space. Think about what your art means to you, as well as what kinds of colors and textures are present. Then, you can choose furniture with features that are evocative (if not necessarily matching) the aesthetic of your art.

Don’t equate minimalism with lack of texture

In the public consciousness, minimalism has come to be defined by clean lines and smooth hard surfaces. But some people want to have a home that looks uncluttered while still showcasing interesting and unique textures. The great news is that you can, because textural elements can mimic the principles of minimalism such as defined geometric planes and restrained color palettes. Choose items that work with your minimalist furniture, such as soft throws or textured window treatments to get the best of both worlds.

Break up bold statement pieces with neutrals

Neutrals are the great unsung heroes of interior design, and that’s especially true when they are paired with statement furniture that showcases bold color or heavy texture. Mix and match your impactful design elements with neutral additions that contrast to provide a sense of visual variety, and it will make the colors and textures of your statement pieces even more eye-catching.

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