Easter Entertaining Checklist: 5 Simple Decor Tips

Bring the Easter eggs indoors

Everyone celebrates spring for the arrival of the thaw after the long winter chill, but in many parts of the country, the weather is still a little too cool to host an outdoor Easter gathering. Even if that’s the case, you can still bring elements of the great outdoors into your home; just incorporate decorative Easter eggs as a part of your design scheme.

You can dye your own to create unique color combinations that lift up the rest of your design pieces, or you can purchase designer eggs that look hand-painted and can be elegantly displayed on pedestals or as part of a floral arrangement.

Make a dramatic impact with simple floral arrangements

While the most beautiful winter floral arrangements often utilize mixed stems and other plants in order to create an impact despite a lack of seasonal blooms, the arrival of spring brings a host of flowery possibilities. Most spring flowers are so bright, colorful, and dramatic that you can rely on simple arrangements to carry your decor theme throughout the home. Consider choices such as a vase of single-color tulips or an elegant arrangement of daffodils.

Look for ways to reuse and repurpose existing items

Decorating for an Easter party doesn’t have to bust your budget for the entire month. Because the holiday is spring-focused, you can utilize some existing items from around your home that evoke spring without having to purchase a lot of holiday-specific decor pieces. Use garden planters as rustic replacements for sleeker flower vases. Ditch the traditional spring wreath and instead choose a hanging basket filled with seasonal greenery.

Mix and match textures to create a tactile variety

The arrival of spring brings rough earthy textures, so it’s a great idea to incorporate these kinds of textural elements into your decorating. Mix items like burlap lining or linen table runners with smoother materials like polished stone. Pair decorative wood pieces with rustic galvanized metal buckets filled with greenery.

Turn your dining table into an embodiment of spring

You don’t have to adorn every inch of your home with Easter decor in order for it to make an impression on your guests. One strategy you can use is to keep the rest of your home mostly neutral and transform your dining table into a monument to spring with colorful tablecloths, runners, or place settings, impactful floral arrangements, and DIY accent pieces.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect new dining table to be the centerpiece of your Easter celebration or any other piece of furniture that will help make your house a home, Woodchuck’s Fine Furniture & Decor in Jacksonville has exactly what you’re looking for. Browse our showroom today to discover how your furniture can help you host the perfect Easter gathering for your friends and family.

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