How Much of Your New Home Budget Should Go on Interior Decor?

New Home Spending by the Numbers

The average listing price of homes in the Jacksonville area is $235,000. When you’re figuring out your budget, keep this figure in mind while you determine how much you can afford to spend on a home while still being able to spend on furniture and other interior decor items.

According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, new homeowners spend around $5,000 on average for interior decor. Whether or not this number works for you depends on your personal household budget, and the kinds of interior decor items you intend to buy.

For example, having to replace most of your furniture means that you’ll need a higher budget for interior decor. If you’re keeping your furniture, or if you only need to buy a couple of furniture items, such as a new dining room set or a new sofa, your budget will typically be lower.

Tips for Determining Your Interior Decor Budget

As you work on your budget for interior decor, keep the following in mind:

  • Decide what you need and what you want: Items that you need are the top priority, so make sure you budget for these first. The rest of your interior decor budget can then go toward items that you want, such as new accent pillows or decorative vases.
  • Invest in quality furniture: Don’t skimp when it comes to new furniture. Choosing high-quality furniture means you’ll have pieces that enhance your home and last for years.
  • Factor in delivery charges: These charges can add up quickly, especially if you’re buying all new furniture. Keep in mind that you can save a significant amount on delivery charges by purchasing furniture that comes from a local warehouse.

When it’s time to go shopping for interior decor items for your new home, visit Woodchuck’s Fine Furniture & Decor. Our family-owned business offers high-quality products from more than 100 vendors, as well as custom options so you can create your own interior decor look that best suits your home. Keep in mind that we also offer delivery to homes outside the northeast Florida area.

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