Creating A Cohesive Flow Throughout Your Home

Focus on Your Entrances

All of your doors, especially the main entrance, should ideally be clear of clutter when people enter the space. Add mirrors to entryways that are small or dark so they reflect light and add depth. Choose a small, round or oval mirror with an intricate frame for best results in a small space.

Add Some Color

To establish flow, some owners paint their walls in one color and then use their accessories to bring variety to the different rules. Or you can pick a single accent color to appear in different items in each of the rooms. For example, using the same bright purple for pillows on the couch, cushions at the dining room table, and bean bags in the den.

Movement and Flow

Look for ways to increase mobility in your rooms wherever possible. Installing pocket doors that slide back and forth, rather than a swinging door is a good example. You can also rearrange cabinets and bookshelves that connect (or closely connect) with doors when they’re fully open to allow more movement.

Check the Floors

The floors of the home are really just a large canvas that homeowners can play with. You may want to add similar area rugs to each of the major rooms of the home for subtle but interesting variations that still contribute to the overall flow.

Consider Safety

All residents will need a clear path out of the home in case of an emergency. Consult with your local fire department or housing authorities to learn more about what you can do establish a route that will create a safe exit — regardless of whether they sleep in a finished attic or on the first floor.

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