In-Home Design, How it Really Works

1. In-store Meeting

Jacksonville furniture storeFirst, we’ll meet up inside our Jacksonville furniture store to get to know you a little better. We’ll ask about the room or rooms that you want to transform, order them from highest to lowest priority, and designate specific uses and design necessities in each one. Then, we’ll find out about the color schemes throughout the rest of your home, and the ways you currently use each space.

Our Woodchuck’s Furniture Design Consultants don’t receive a commission, so there’s no pressure to select pieces you don’t want or need. Instead of focusing on sales, we focus on bringing your dream home to life, and we’ll work within your budget to do that. We cover everything from furniture and accessory selections to floor plan options and paint color suggestions.

2. In-Home Consultation

Next, our consultant will check out the room(s) in person. After you invite us into your home, we’ll inspect the spaces you want to furnish or decorate. We can’t determine the best furniture design options or pick out the right sizes until we know exactly how big each space is, so we also take measurements of the walls and floors.

For example, if you need master bedroom design ideas, we’ll measure your space, rethink your current furniture layout, and incorporate your own personal style into the items we recommend. We’ll also put our ideas into perspective, showing you how your existing decor touches will complement the new additions.

3. Design Review

After we’ve taken at least a few days to review your dimensions, compile our consultation notes and select pieces from our collection, you’ll meet us back at Woodchuck’s to review the game plan. We’ll outline our design ideas, including suggested furniture placement and dominant colors we could bring out with patterns and paint.

If you need help with living room design, we’ll sit you down in our showroom to help you get a feel for different pieces and layouts. If you’re transforming your guest room, we’ll let you decide which features and pieces will appeal to your favorite visitors the most. Nothing is final until you say so.

4. Moving Day

There’s no pressure to buy any furniture and accessories from Woodchuck’s, but if you fall in love with our suggestions, we’ll move everything in, then assemble and arrange it for you. Local deliveries have a fixed rate of $129 each, even if you order a whole truck’s worth of new furniture. We guarantee prompt, delicate service from our white-glove delivery partners, and we’re happy to take old furniture off your hands too. Just let us know if you want Habitat for Humanity to benefit from your upgrade.

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