Sleep Easy: Guide To Buying a New Bed

Here are the important things to consider:


Bedroom size is a limiting factor, but your decision also depends on how long you plan to use the bed. Although you may be tempted to buy the biggest mattress that will fit in a room, consider not only bed size, but also additional furniture that you want or need. Plan for adequate walking space; crowded bedrooms are less than calming. In addition, the height of the bed is important. In general, your feet should be flat on the floor if you sit on the edge of the bed.


Consider value, function, and durability, whether you’re buying a child’s first bed or a signature decor piece. Your choice of bed frame influences sleep quality, so assure there is adequate support. Woodchuck’s deal with more than 100 furniture vendors, all chosen for quality and service. If your current space represents only a temporary arrangement, consider delaying this major purchase or opt for a bed you can use later in guest quarters or for a child’s room.


Bed prices vary greatly. Fine quality and high style, however, do not have to break the bank. When shopping for beds and mattress frames, our experienced staff will work with you to help identify appropriate options, no matter what your style preferences and dollar limits might be. But always shop for the best in your price range.

Style Options

Personal style is important. Whether you choose bunk beds for a child’s room, a massive traditional carved wood headboard and footboard for the master suite, a contemporary metal canopy bed, a sleek upholstered headboard, or a retro-style brass bed, the most important consideration is the support the bed offers for the mattress.

There are only a few common options:

  • A solid platform on which the mattress rests,
  • Slats that provide similar support; they can be either rigid or flexible.
  • A box spring/mattress set typically rests on a metal frame or has legs that attach to the box spring.

Which is best? Different types of beds serve different purposes. Do more research to find out which option is right for your needs.


Because there are so many variables, it helps to set some parameters and define priorities before you shop. If you already own the perfect mattress and are simply shopping for its decor “partner,” part of your work is already done. We encourage you to visit our showroom and explore possibilities with our design consultants.

As a family-owned company that got its start 30 years ago in the furniture restoration field, we not only have a wide selection on the floor, but we offer custom options as well. In addition, take advantage of Woodchuck’s online planning tool to help visualize your finished bedroom.

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