Back to Basics: Home Decor Made Simple

“Home Decorating for Dummies” goes on to explain that it’s how those elements are combined that determines the success or failure of a room’s design, and it removes some of the mystery from tackling a home decor project.

The Influence of Where and What

Even knowing the basics, however, doesn’t mean that pulling all the elements together in a pleasing and appropriate way will be easy. Not only is it important to analyze your basic needs, but you should also consider your own preferences, the architectural style and physical size of your home and the influence of geography, both in terms of site and climate. Options for an urban condominium are somewhat different from decor choices that are right for a cottage near the beach.

Color and texture also play major roles. The same sofa will provoke entirely different reactions based on its upholstery: Think about the perceived differences between sleek white leather, a vibrant polished cotton print, neutral textured weaves, or denim slipcovers.

Think About How You Live

Then there are considerations about the way you live and entertain, your household makeup and whether you prefer simple, casual surroundings or a more sophisticated, upscale, trendy vibe. There are no “right” answers so your goal should be to choose what you love! Our interactive design tool can be a big help, making it easy to experiment and see the virtual results of your choices.

The furniture that serves well for an active family with children and pets may seem too casual for a couple who loves hosting gourmet dinners for close friends. On the other hand, a formal seating arrangement in the living room may be unnecessary if your favorite activities are casual suppers and television movies.

If you’re interested in adding some trendy new pieces of furniture, or you want to update to a colorful “florida-inspired” look, our consultants can offer valuable suggestions.

Putting It All Together

The design team at Woodchuck’s Fine Furniture and Decor can help you pull it all together, whether you’re doing a single room or an entire house. Browse through our online catalog, then visit our convenient showroom to “try out” some of the pieces available from more than 100 quality vendors. Woodchuck’s expertise stems from more than 30 years of service to local families. Why not schedule a consultation? Let’s get to work on your home’s design!

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