Sofa or Sectional Sofa? How to Determine What’s Right for Your Home

With so much to choose from, the only right answer is what you like best.

Which to choose: A sofa or a sectional? There’s really no correct answer, at least not with the range of styles and sizes available in both. At one time, sectionals only worked in spacious rooms. But with more petite models, that’s not an issue. And while some sofas might be overwhelmed in a larger room, many people opt for two sofas instead of just one. So that problem is solved, too.

That leads us to personal taste. And that’s what living room decor should boil down to anyway. If you’re shopping for new living room furniture and can’t quite decide which direction to turn, you’re not alone. Fortunately, Woodchuck Furniture gives you plenty of options.


Where did Sectional Sofas Come From?

While the sectional sofa might seem like a 20th century invention, it’s really not. Antique examples, although rare, exist from at least the early 1800s, if not earlier.

They gained popularity in the middle 20th century, which is probably why most people associate them with the more modern era. But even from their inception, the purpose was the same. Sectionals offer extra seating, and many give you more than one configuration option.


A sofa lets you design and redesign a room over and over.

Sofas Offer Furniture Placement Flexibility

Unless you have a tiny living room with odd corners or built-ins to work around, a sofa lets you choose a number of different affordable furniture arrangements. And with a large ottoman, you get can mimic the chaise effect that many sectionals have.

You can also add a love seat and chairs, or a twin sofa, and double your seating without restricting the arrangement choices. Sofas, such as the Universal Maxwell model, are probably the more flexible of the two, but sectionals also have their place.


Sectionals Maximize Seating and Feel Cozy

A sectional offers clustered seating that one or two sofas can’t completely duplicate. It’s a more conversational arrangement that feels a lot cozier than separate seating. And if you like to stretch out to read or watch TV, a sectional can feel almost like a small bed.

One of the main drawbacks of sectionals is that you’re committed to one arrangement. Even if the quality furniture pieces are separate, the location of arms means your sectional will likely have a left-hand or right-hand L-shape that can’t be changed.


Sectional doesn’t have to mean large.

Sofas Might Win in Small Rooms

If your square footage is on the small side, some sectionals will still work. For example, the Sam Moore Rita Sectional has an optional curved corner piece that lets you create a petite C shape that fits almost anywhere that an average sofa would. But a sofa might work better.

Sofas naturally fit into smaller spaces and have straight lines that don’t compete with your architecture. With the addition of a chair, you’ll have the same seating as you would with a small sectional.


Traditional designs are found in both styles.

Sectionals Fill Very Large Rooms

In a large room with plenty of square footage to work with, you could use two large sofas and create an intimate arrangement that doesn’t feel tiny. Add a couple of chairs, and you have a grouping that could seat a large party. But sectionals were born for this type of space. And while sectionals have a modern look, some look more traditional, such as the Hooker Imperial Regal 3-Piece Stationary Sectional.

With a large sectional, you could have the most of everything. Some have a chaise lounge at one end, and some have recliners built in. Some have both. Some even have optional ottomans that work with the sectional to create a sofa cluster like the “conversation pit” styles that were so popular in the 70s.

There’s no real right or wrong way to dress your living room. It’s really a matter of taste and how you want to use the space. If you’re more comfortable with most people having their own breathing room, then one or two sofas and perhaps a chair or two might work best. But if you love a cozy, intimate spot to relax, a sectional fits the bill.

No matter what your decorating style, Woodchuck has exactly what you’re looking for. With hundreds of sofas and sectionals in a host of upholstery choices, you’ll find the right furniture with the right look that fits exactly right with your family.

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