The Right Furniture Proportions for Your Room Size

How to properly measure your space

Creating a visually-balanced room with furniture that is the correct proportion starts with a good measuring technique. Measure all of your walls, and be sure to note the distance between doors and windows. It’s also helpful to measure the height of window sills in case you need to put something, like curtains, in front of them.

Selecting styles to fit the room

Some styles are better suited for large open spaces with high ceilings, while others make a visitor feel right at home within confined areas with low ceilings. Depending on the size of the room in question, you may want to tailor your desired style to the needs of the space.

For instance, low-profile, modern pieces won’t look too overwhelming even in a tight room with low ceilings. In more expansive spaces with higher ceilings, you may need a large wardrobe or other pieces to balance out the visual proportions of the room.

Avoiding clutter based on the size of the room

One of the most difficult things to visualize is how much furniture can fit into a room while still maintaining a feeling of comfort and a pleasing aesthetic. Of course, it’s going to mostly depend on the size of the room itself, but you still have to find a way to reasonably budget for your expectations before you can actually see the completed effort.

One way to do this is to choose your most important pieces first and build around them as necessary. You may find that once your dream sofa is in place, you don’t have the room for two end tables as you expected, or that you’ll have to choose between an ottoman and a coffee table.

Creating visually harmonious furniture groups

Overall, you want the furniture to help create a balanced visual sensation in the room. A low-profile chair is going to look silly if it is situated across from a plush sectional that sits six inches higher. Group items of a similar height together, and balance out tall pieces on one side of a room with complementary pieces on the other side.

At Woodchuck’s Fine Furniture & Decor in Jacksonville, we stay on top of the latest design trends so that you can fill your home with a furniture suite that makes sense for your space. You can use our innovative room planning tool to begin planning your dream furniture arrangement. Come visit our on-site showroom to discover beautiful, high-quality pieces of furniture that will allow you to create rooms in your home that are comfortable and customized.

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