Top 10 Tricks for Your Kitchen Inspiration

Keeping up with home decor trends means periodically updating your kitchen with simple tricks to liven things up. Color schemes can help, and so can well-chosen furniture and home decor items. Below, you’ll find a list of our favorite ideas for updating your kitchen.

Light Colors

There’s a reason why light colors are always so popular in kitchens. Use light shades on the walls and cabinets, and it will make your kitchen feel more open. The right lighting fixtures can make it brighter, too, which makes your kitchen seem larger.

A Bold Backsplash

The right design can add an impression of liveliness. Boldly patterned backsplashes can bring energy into the kitchen while a contemporary pattern gives a traditional kitchen an updated look.

Unique Shelving

Shelves are always useful because they provide much-needed extra storage space. They’re also a great place for customization because you can display your china or showcase treasured items.

Pops of Color

If you have an exposed wall, paint it with a bold color. Add a printed curtain over the windows or choose a bold rug. Spots of colors like this will add a lively look to your kitchen.

Hang Up Your Pots

This is an essential way to free up some cabinet space by hanging your pots up. Not only does it give you some extra storage space, but it’s a trendy look, too.

Purposeful Artwork

Personalize your space with artwork that serves a purpose. One idea is to create a single large focal point, which is a trick that works wonders in a kitchen.

Open Cabinets

This is a nifty trick that can do a lot for your kitchen. Removing cabinet doors makes your kitchen seem more open and spacious, for one thing. You can also paint the insides of the cabinets a fun color for a little extra visual interest. Add textured baskets to create dimension or find creative ways to showcase your favorite things for a cozy look.

Create A Cozy Nook

Built-in seating stashed away in a kitchen corner makes for the perfect eating nook. To make it extra comfy, add a patterned throw and decorative pillows.

Bold Seating

One way to create an upscale look is to update your kitchen table with chairs and stools in a vibrant hue. The simple addition of chairs to make a statement will transform your kitchen.

Chalkboard Panel

Chalkboard panels are a great way to bring personality to your space—and they’re useful, too. Add a chalkboard panel to a wall or the side of your refrigerator, then use it to track your weekly menu or your shopping list.

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