Update Your Living Room Furniture

Respect the King of the Room: The Sofa

Not only is your sofa the biggest and most prominent piece of furniture in your living room, it’s also the piece that will be seeing the most use. Comfortable and welcoming, the sofa will be subjected to a lot of wear-and-tear. Choosing a quality sofa is extremely important, especially because the average lifespan estimated for sofas is 10-15 years. Depending on how much use and abuse your sofa sees and how well you take care of it, it should last you a while! Customizing options now give consumers the opportunity to create their own PERFECT couch.  Find out how easy furniture customization can be at Woodchuck’s.

Coffee Tables

Coffee tables are more than just an obect to stub your knee on; they are actually quite functional and can add great design to a room. If you have children, make sure you choose a kid-friendly coffee table. It should be sturdy enough to survive climbing and sitting, well-balanced so it doesn’t topple easily, and have rounded edges rather than sharp. While accommodating the kid-friendly aspect of the coffee table, make sure to still keep it within the style of your room!


Everyone loves a comfortable, over-sized chair but the challenge is making it fit your decorating scheme. If you have an over-sized recliner that looks like it belongs in your grandfather’s house, and you’re trying to go for a sleeker look, it’s probably time to upgrade. A newer style can provide you with all the reclining comfort while still fitting in with the rest of your decorating theme

Room for Everyone

If you are frequently entertaining guests, ask yourself if your furniture will provide ample seating for everyone. You don’t want to invite guests over expecting a great, causual party and end up having them sit on the floor. Accent chairs are a great idea to add some seating while throwing in statement pieces.

Kid Proof

Kids wear furniture down FAST. If you have children, opt for sturdy frames and hardy stain-resistant upholstery. For instance, Sunbrella fabrics has a line of furniture covers to help prevent stains from ruining your nice furniture.

Entertainment Consoles

It might be time to upgrade your entertainment center if it isn’t practical for your media needs anymore. Most of the older entertainment centers tend to have unused space with most of today’s smaller and sleeker electronics, so an upgrade can provide you with a better organized and simplified look. Instead of that oversized entertainment center, you can get one that better suits your room. Click to view entertainment options at Woodchuck’s.

Since we can all agree that living rooms are one of the most gathered rooms in a home, having attractive yet comfortable furniture is extremely important. These simple furniture updates are sure to make your guests feel like they can relax without having to sit completely upright on your uncomfortable couch.

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