Everything You Need To Know About Tablescapes

Start with Layers

Like putting on a great outfit, an attractive tablescape begins with layering. First, make sure that you are setting the right table. Is the table large enough to comfortably seat your guests? Should you instead use smaller tables or move the event outdoors? Once you have selected the right table, it will be time to start creating visually interesting layers. You can and should use a variety of sizes, shapes, and textures to bring depth to your tablescape.

Use the Season and Surrounding Local Area to Draw Inspiration

As you begin to add colors to your tablescape, remember the season and local area. For example, bright and colorful hues are perfect for summer settings. Neutral tones are a classic choice for the fall and winter. Adding in local elements, such as seashells and blues for ocean settings, can bring a subtle flair to your tablescape. With this in mind, make sure that the colors and selected items are harmonious throughout the entire tablescape.

Create an Interesting Centerpiece That Is Professional and Personal

The centerpiece is arguably the most important element within a tablescape. Whether you want the centerpiece to be elaborate or simple, it should be consistent with both the theme and color palette for the event. You should also make sure that the centerpiece doesn’t block your guests’ visual sightlines. With these parameters in mind, the following ideas can help you to create visually stunning centerpieces that tie together your entire tablescape.

  • Choose a classic floral centerpiece—Your classic floral centerpiece can be made more interesting with the use of unusual containers. Lanterns, ice buckets, and teapots are all containers that can bring a touch of avant-garde flare.
  • Showcase seasonal elements in a geometric pattern—A classic geometric shape can be a great way to bring seasonal elements into your centerpiece. For example, you might use sand dollars coupled with mason jars filled with sand to create a unique centerpiece that is eye-catching and beautiful.
  • Create romantic lighting with candles—A lantern with a small tealight candle is a great way to bring a touch of romanticism to your centerpiece. Try adding strategically placed wood chips to create a rustic flare that is both inviting and aesthetically pleasing.

No matter what centerpiece you choose, make sure that it accentuates and compliments the place settings, tablecloth, and other elements of your carefully crafted tablescape.

The Ideal Tablescape Starts with the Right Table and Chairs

Creating a professional, yet personal, tablescape is made possible when you choose the right table and chairs for your room. Whether you are hosting a formal dining room party or creating a casually rustic outdoor event, Woodchuck’s Fine Furniture & Decor is ready to help you find the perfect tables, chairs, and decor for your event and home. Browse the online store, or visit the showroom, to discover the ideal pieces for your next event.

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