Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Furniture

Caring for Wood

Commercial chemicals are the most widely used method for revitalizing wood furniture, but the newest trend is actually utilizing an organic approach to spring cleaning furniture. Chemical based cleaners are more harsh on wood and some can build up over time leaving unsightly residue. For a less expensive and thorough cleaning, more and more people are turning to all natural cleaners.

  1. Mix equal parts white vinegar and warm water. Using a chamois, wipe onto furniture made of mahogany. Then go over it again with a dry chamois.
  2. To care for furniture that is made of unfinished wood, use a small bit of mineral oil. Use only about a quarter size amount at a time. Too much will make a mess but more importantly, mineral oil is extremely flammable.

  3. If any pieces have suffered scratch marks, mix equal parts vegetable oil and lemon juice to treat them. A soft cloth is all that is needed to rub each scratch away. Simply buff gently and the scratches will be treated in no time.

  4. Do not polish furniture more than two to three times per year. Polishing more than that can leave wood surfaces dull from too much polishing.

Fabric Furniture

Different types of upholstered furniture require different forms of care. Not all fabric furniture is the same, but there are some simple tips for detailing fabric that will help make spring cleaning a breeze!

  1. Periodically turn the cushions on fabric sofas and chairs over to even out the exposure to sunlight. This will extend the life of your furniture. Turning the cushions also helps delay dents from appearing.
  2. Spot clean as soon as there is a spill of any type. The quicker you get to the stain, the easier it will be to remove it.

  3. Avoid sunlight and other forms of atmospheric pollutants such as smoke from cigarettes. Slipcovers add a great deal of style to any room and help protect furniture from getting ruined.

  4. Don’t be afraid to call a professional to deep clean furniture every couple of years. If the furniture is beyond cleaning, consider buying new or even creating a customized piece!

Maintaining Leather Furniture

Most people only think of cleaning carpet and polishing wood when thinking of spring cleaning furniture. The truth is, there are a lot of things to clean and maintain throughout the year and leather furniture is just as important as upholstered. Thankfully, spring cleaning leather furniture is easier than it sounds.

  1. If stains occur, make sure they are treated right away. A soft, dry cloth can be used to blot up the stain. Even though leather is more difficult to stain, it doesn’t mean it can’t be.
  2. Not all leather furniture is made with the same leather. When preparing to use any sort of chemical cleaner, especially if the cleaner or the furniture is new, be sure to test a small area on the back of the piece first. If you don’t test the cleaning solution, you run the risk of staining or stripping the leather.

  3. Dust and vacuum leather furniture frequently. If dust is allowed to set, it will give the furniture a dingy appearance. To maintain its vibrancy, use a duster to reach places a vacuum may not be able to get.

  4. Condition leather furniture when spring cleaning. Do not expect the material to maintain itself. While leather furniture is durable and long-lasting, its life will be extended further if its conditioned regularly. Use saddle soap to rid the leather of any built-up dirt dust. Use only microfiber and lint-free rags when wiping the leather down.

Spring cleaning furniture is easy and doesn’t require a large investment of time. If you keep up your regular maitenance you have a better chance of extending the life of your furniture. However, if your furniture does need to be replaced, contact Woodchuck’s to explore a variety of fashionable yet affordable options.

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