6 Easy Tips for Styling Your Guest Room

Making your guest room look and feel as welcoming as possible is important, especially if you plan to have family or friends over this summer. How can you make sure guests are comfortable when they’ll be staying at your home? The following step-by-step guide can help you in styling your guest room.

Keep It Clutter-Free

Go through all of the items in your guest room to determine what goes and what stays. Store items that aren’t needed or items that don’t add joy or comfort to the room into a closet. This helps free up space for your guests, so they can easily keep suitcases and other belongings in your guest room.

a nightstand sits next to a grey bed in a bedroom

Have Fun with Your Guest Bedroom

When styling your guest room, it doesn’t need to have a conventional look. Instead, consider adding an unexpected element that adds some visual interest or excitement, such as an indoor swing or boldly colored throw pillows. You might also want to add an unusual piece of art to the room for fun.

a hanging chair in a guest bedroom

Create a Restful Space

Your guest bedroom should provide guests with a restful and relaxing environment overall. You can accomplish this by including several throw pillows and blankets for guests to curl up with. Decorating in calming colors, such as blue or green, can also help make your guest room a soothing place to sleep.

a metal-framed bed in a bedroom

Add Furniture

Depending on the size of your guest room, you might want to add furniture to it other than a bed. A small desk and chair or a bench at the foot of the bed can provide guests with a place to sit and read or unwind after they’re done socializing for the day.

a bedroom with a bed, table and chairs

Keep It Cohesive

It’s okay to add a few unusual touches to your guest room, but make sure the overall style flows with the rest of your home decor. For example, keep the style of your guest room modern or traditional depending on how you’ve decorated the rest of your house.

A bed in a bedroom with two nightstands

Add Fresh Flowers

Welcome your guests with a bouquet of fresh flowers that will last for their entire stay. Place these flowers in a decorative vase to brighten up your guest room. You might also want to include other simple touches that can make guests feel at home, such as mints on the pillows.

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