The 5 Accessories Every Living Room Should Have

  1. Mirror

Your best defense against a cramped or dark living room is a big framed mirror. These reflective panes are living room musts, because they redistribute natural and artificial light while creating the illusion of extra space behind them. Mirrors also come in a variety of shapes, dimensions and frame options, so you can always find one that matches your furniture styles. For example, if you’re into modern rustic furniture trends, hang a mirror framed by reclaimed wood or integrate it into a stone fireplace.

  1. Clock

Having a clock right in your living room means no one has to get up to check the time in another room – or pull out their mobile devices in the middle of a great face-to-face conversation. Grandfather clocks are also timeless (no pun intended) statement pieces that match many different styles. Choose an elegant wooden stand-up clock that chimes and has glass shelves for storage, or an Art Deco-inspired tripod clock with a minimalist face and metallic legs.

  1. Comfortable Pillows

Living rooms are for unwinding and relaxing. That’s why we recommend high quality furniture that will stay comfortable and supportive for years to come. However, even the coziest couch can benefit from an assortment of plush, colorful pillows. Accessorize your couches and chairs with decorative pillows that have some substance. In other words, pick pillow covers that delight your eyes, then make sure you fill them with soft and plump pillows that won’t go flat immediately.

  1. Plants

Green is a relaxing and grounding color that adds life to indoor spaces, even when it’s just a shade of paint. When you add actual greenery to your living room, the transformation is much more immediate. Just a few low-maintenance indoor plants, such as lucky bamboo or a vase with rotating ferns and flowers, will literally fill your space with life. Keep an eye out for interesting vases and pots that will complement your furniture styles.

  1. Multipurpose Seating

It’s important to make your living room inviting and warm for guests, but unless you have ten kids, you probably don’t need to have ten seating options at all times. Accessorize your main seating area with stools, benches or ottomans that double as side tables, storage compartments and other practical living room essentials.

These five accessories will help you turn your house into a home, but it’s up to you to curate the rest of your space. As you browse our selection of affordable furniture, don’t forget to check out our living room accessories for even more decorative ideas.

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