7 Ways to Modernize Your Living Room

Modern living rooms are many things. They’re comfortable, beautiful, personalized spaces where you and your family enjoy spending time. They’re often entertaining spaces, too.

To freshen up your living space, you’ll need well-chosen colors, modern design elements and the latest home design trends. Together, these elements will create a living room you love, and one that impresses your guests, too. Ready to modernize your living room? These seven tips will help you achieve the living room of your dreams.

Modern Living Room Brimming with Colors

Modern rooms call for bold colors. Furnishings and décor in striking pops of color are redefining what “modern decorating” means by creating focal points and accents to draw the eye around the room. Keeping the walls white while distributing vibrant shades around the room will complement the room’s structure.

living room with bright-colored furniture

Modern and Transitional

In a transitional living room, modernity comes from combining classical elements with modern ones. This means choosing a classic neutral color scheme works well in a modern room without skimping on the “wow” factor.

living room with white walls and white furniture. big open windows

Modern Living Space with Mid-Century Inspired Furniture

Fill your lounge space with the high, wooden windows typical of the mid-century style, using a tilter to let fresh air into the room. Then top it off using wooden-legged furniture, an accent chair, nested coffee tables, and a long three-seater sofa. By using this technique, your interior will have plenty of contrast and visual interest without one piece dominating the look.

living room with royal blue sofa

Modern and Minimalist

This style is marked by clean lines, minimal furnishings, and a simple color scheme that coordinates beautifully with the great outdoors. Minimalist living rooms don’t have to be cold and spartan-looking. They should be fresh and welcoming.

minimalist living room with low sofa and modern light fixture

Pattern and Texture

Looking to take your living room’s style to a whole new level? Try using wallpaper with a striking modern pattern to make a bold statement.

living room with wallpaper

Modern Boho-Inspired Living Room

These living rooms are all about the eclectic. Create a boho-inspired living room with abstract art pieces and geometric designs. To pull the look off, make sure to strike a balance in your colors and textures.

boho living room

Airy and Bright Modern Living Room

Getting this look means using pops of color to enliven a mostly neutral-toned room. You can do this with large prints hung on the walls to amplify the sense of vibrancy. Bright modern rooms can include a mashup of furniture styles, so feel free to experiment with unusual pieces pulled from a variety of interior design trends.

airy and bright living room

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