10 Inspiring Rose Quartz Living Room Ideas

1. You probably won’t want to paint your entire living room Rose Quartz. But one accent wall painted in this beautiful pastel pink shade would look spectacular.

2. If you have a neutral color sofa as part of your living room sets, arranging two or three throw pillows on the couch in a Rose Quartz shade would make a stunning impression to visitors.

3. Change out one of your lampshades to a Rose Quartz colored shade, trimmed in a neutral tone.

4. Trim out a window with Rose Quartz sheers. Light filtered through this pastel shade will cast a calming hue over the entire living room.

5. Find Rose Quartz or similar colored window blinds at your local hardware store. They will be a nice change from white or beige.

6. Rose Quartz drink coasters can be used to bring a splash of color onto your coffee table or end tables.

7. If you’re in love with the Pantone Color of the Year Rose Quartz shade, ask your fine quality furniture retailer if you can have your sofa choice customized in a matching fabric shade. Woodchucks Fine Furniture and Decor can customize sofas to any color of your choice.

8. Rose Quartz is surprisingly neutral when chosen as a flooring option. Look for area rugs with a pattern and subtle hints of pastel pink, or a solid color version that will brighten your living room floor.

9. Wall art can also work with your living room’s color palette. Look for colorful scenic paintings, such as those by popular artist Thomas Kinkade, who famously used many shades of rose and pink.

10. If you spend the evening hours talking in your living room with your loved ones, consider changing out the bulb in one of your lamps. The rose colored hue will have a relaxing effect – a perfect way to end the day.

Hopefully these inspired ideas will help you to get your living room décor on trend and add a refreshing touch to your home.


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