6 Inspiring Small Office Designs


Don’t rule out hallways and walkways as the perfect place for office furniture. If you have a particularly wide hallway, especially one that overlooks a lower floor or has a “dead end” cubby with big windows, consider stretching a desk across it and getting to work. Tall walls can be used for floating bookshelves or bold artwork. Windows offer an opportunity for low shelving units.


Another option? Use floor-to-ceiling bookshelves to build a cozy but comfortable space inside a smaller room. Your master bedroom, for example, may have more room than you need to move around. Install a desk unit with built-in shelves and cabinets, giving you privacy for your small home office.


Okay, so you don’t have an extra room with four walls. What about the rooms you do have? Multipurpose furniture, such as a simple white table that doubles as a desk, will blend in with existing shelves and surfaces. For example, this all-white office space fits seamlessly with the room’s white walls. Your large family room or living room may have a wall or corner that gets a lot of light but isn’t being used. Consider placing your desk there.


Instead of looking for floor space for your office furniture, look inside the walls. Your closets are already maximizing the storage space within your walls, and if you can afford to spare one of them, this is a great opportunity for a built-in, hideaway office. Use existing shelves or build a new set, stretching from wall to wall behind the closet doors. Tuck a chair just inside and pull it out again when it’s time to get to work.


In older homes, pantries and larger alcoves often end up as overstuffed storage spaces. These built-ins are actually full of small room design potential, especially if you can cut a window out of a non-load-bearing wall. Depending on layout of your home, you might fill in the space by installing a single shelf at desk height, or move an entire L-shaped desk into the cut-out. Fill built-in shelves with artwork for a cozy, room-in-a-bottle effect.


Want your office to stand out as its own separate space? Don’t discount the timeless appeal of black-and-white contrast. Columns of white drawers support a shiny black surface, but it’s the wall that seizes the most storage potential. The symmetry and color contrast creates an eye-catching disguise for all the odds, ends, and to-do’s that pile up every week.

At Woodchuck’s Fine Furniture & Decor, we love helping our clients find new ways to make use of their space. Even the smallest corner or closet could be potential for your home office, so we hope this list inspires you to get creative! Stop in and see our collection of home office furnitureincludes plenty of versatile, multipurpose pieces that are easy to incorporate into your small office design plans.

Trying to figure out how to design your home? Click the image below to check out our Style Guide, MODA, for tons of inspiration!

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