New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home

Clean Up and Clear Out

Instead of becoming a “couch potato,” use those long winter days to purge your life and your home of unnecessary clutter. Eliminate those items you no longer want or need. Take a good look at what’s filling your closets and your kitchen cabinets; organize sports equipment in the garage and electronics in the den; stock up on healthy foods that will boost your energy and keep you healthy. Eliminate clutter from every room and clear out your space for what is to come.

Tackle Deferred Maintenance

If you’re behind on those necessary home repairs, now is the time to catch up. Focus on making your home as safe, efficient, sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. Prepare a monthly or quarterly “To Do” list: — replace filters, monitor water and energy consumption, caulk doors and windows, test smoke alarms, and check garage door operation. Develop a budget plan if you identify any major needs. Caulk or regrout your bathtub, clean the carpet and touch up wall paint if necessary. A facelift will boost your spirits and make your house a stress-free environment for you and your family.

Consider a Home Facelift!

Winter is a time to enjoy your home — at home, with family and friends — so be sure it’s attractive and comfortable. Woodchuck’s Fine Furniture and Decor has some great ideas for creative home decor that will brighten your spirits as well as your rooms. Here are some ideas:

Visit our showroom in Jacksonville or speak to one of our on-staff interior decorators for additional great ideas. Our design staff stands ready to offer suggestions, whether you need a houseful of furniture or just some creative accent pieces!

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